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4 of My Favorite Online Business Tools

In speaking to a new client last week, she mentioned that one of the issues she was having was technology.  So it inspired me to write a post today on my favorite online business tools that I use everyday to run my business – I’ve included free or low-cost tools.

I’m big on keeping costs low so I can make bigger ticket investments such as my own coach as well as a Virtual Assistant to help me grow my business.  Some of these tools you may already know, but hopefully you’ll learn about some bootstrapping resources so you can invest in your business where it matters.

SendOwl – Got a digital product or even a service you’d like to sell? Easy to setup and use, SendOwl allows you to create a product or service that you can integrate with payment gateways, automate delivery and protect your digital deliveries from theft.  Best part?  No transaction fee.  Monthly fees begin at $9 depending on how many products and features you’d like.

Typeform – Gorgeous forms that your can use for everything from your Consultation Applications to Client Intake to basically anything your little heart desires for free.  Typeform allows you to create custom fields so gather all of the information you need and it stores the data for you. You can also add pictures and customize the forms to your individual brand and taste.

WP Shopping Cart, Affiliate & Membership Plugins – If you’re making less than $5K monthly in your business, these plugins can help you save lots of money. They’re great one-time payment plugins for Shopping Cart, Affiliate Programs and Membership hosting. The best thing about it is that there is no monthly payment for any of these tools. You only pay once for the plug-in. Need a shopping cart for your website? Want to set up an affiliate program for your products? Want to start a membership for your clients? You can purchase all three as a bundle for $99 or purchase each one individually.

Leadpages – Ok, everyone knows Leadpages, but for the money, it’s got to be the most robust tool for creating high-converting sales and landing pages.  I’ve worked with easier to use tools such as Instapage, but for the price, Leadpages is a more robust platform.

We live in a time when doing business virtually has become easy at least from a standpoint of having an abundance of tools available to both market and run your business.  While you do have to invest some in resources in order to have a smooth-running business and be able to serve your clients and customer well, you don’t have to break the bank doing it, especially when you’re starting out.  I share resources, tips and tools regularly in my Facebook group Profits, Pleasure and Prosecco.  Get your cute self in there and share some of your favorite online business tools as well.
xx, Sandra

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