Every time I tell people I meal prep for an entire week in one day, I get the most confused responses. Whether they are curious about how, when, price, or why, they always are so perplexed.

Let me help you – it’s EASY. It’s super quick and doesn’t cut into any of my other weekend plans.

Before we go shopping, I make sure our kitchen is clean. I do the dishes and wipe down the counters. This way, we can get to work when we get home.

Each week we make a list. I categorize based on the layout of the store to make the shopping trip more efficient. Also, making a list helps keep the price down. We also stick to the list 90% of the time. Making a list also helps reduce the time that you’re in the store.

Eat before you go shopping. If you have a full stomach, you won’t be as tempted to buy everything in sight. Whenever I go food shopping on an empty stomach, I want to buy everything in sight.

Bring something to sip on while shopping. If I bring a bottle of water or get my Green Tea Latte beforehand, I’m less likely to want to eat everything in sight. Having something to drink along the way makes you feel like you aren’t depriving yourself.

Once we’re home, we get started. We start with what takes the longest to cook. While those items are cooking, we get to work on prepping the easier things. Multitasking is so important.

Utilize a crockpot or make a meal in the oven. Don’t underestimate the power of these tools. They are essential in saving time in the kitchen. Set it and forget it.

All in all, it takes us roughly 2-3 hours of active time. Quick, easy, and affordable.

Interested in a little more detail? Want to know a little more on how we really do this each week? Awesome! Come join me as I GO LIVE in my FREE Facebook group to discuss meal prepping!

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