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Don’t Blow Your Goals on the Weekends!

Hello Gorgeous!

I asked my Facebook group on Friday how they dealt with their wellness and weight loss goals on the weekends or were they in a pattern of ‘being good all week and blowing it on the weekends.’

If that resonated with you or anything else that you want answers to, the Facebook group is the place to be so just click the link above to surround yourself with women aspiring to be their best selves.

A few people commented on the post and I thought it a really good conversation to bring here, especially since that was my modus operandi for so long!

Perhaps the deprivation of all week accumulates and you just feel the need to break the rules with food, at any cost.  You are exhausted!

I believe you can make the weekends your secret weapon to continued success and here’s how:

1.  Take yourself off the diet!  The deprivation mentality will simply breed more of that.  By the time the weekend roles around, all hell breaks loose.  Step into making choices you are satiated with, then when the weekend roles around, the options do not have such a strong hold on you.

Diets will set you up to overeat on the weekends as you might have a running story that you were ‘good all week,’ you deserve to let loose a little.  At that point, it’s usually over and done.

Make pleasurable, non-edible choices and little celebrations of yourself for following this journey, everyday.

2.  Journal everything you eat.  The only way to really understand what needs to be shifted and what’s in alignment with where you are trying to go is to be crystal clear.

You can unravel patterns that can then be addressed without it costing you.  When you have it there in front of you in black and white, you zoom into where you can make some minor shifts.

3.  Unplug early evening to set yourself up for really restful sleep.   Setting yourself up for restful sleep is the ultimate act of self-care.

If I had a penny for every time I didn’t sleep and I overate, I’d be rich.  It’s actually physiological whereby leptin, the hormone that shuts off hunger, is not doing it’s job as well when we do not sleep as well as cortisol is running high on the stress of not sleeping.

When we are running around exhausted, it’s almost impossible to stay true to our health goals. Our perspective is negatively affected which leads us to bad choices and the use of food because it’s pleasure we are craving more so than the food.

I hope this helps.  If you have any other ideas, you and your sisters would love to hear them!

Please come on over to the private Facebook Group where your shares are totally confidential and can really support you to getting yourself to the next level.

See you there!

Love and abundance,

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