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Why I Don’t Do Everything in Social Media

There are many reasons why I don’t do everything in social media.  I could start by saying the #1 reason is I do not have the time to do it all.  Furthermore that leads me to say I do not have the time to learn it all.  Let me keep going, I am not interested in knowing it all.  Now how is that for being honest?

It’s true.  All of it.

This week I was working with a brand new client and she asked me if I could work on her Pinterest account.  My answer? No.  She looked at me and I explained my reasoning.  I feel Pinterest is a very personal social media platform (and a time suck) and I would be posting things I like not things she likes.  She told me that is the reason she hired me.  My admitting I don’t say I do it all.  She had been burned and sadly by two other social media people in my geographical area of Tampa.  People who belong to a big female networking group who should know better had taken money from her and not performed.  I know both of these people, I will leave it there.

Now that ticks me off, because it trickles down.  In fact I am going to start asking all potential new clients if they have had a bad experience because it appears there are some snake oil selling people out there.

What I do for people on social media I do brag about because I do it well.  I do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ and I do work with people on hooking things up to Pinterest, and I consult on Instagram too.

I handle the basics but the basics are where the biggest action happens.  I learned it well, I use it well, and clients grow.

Lesson here – don’t tell people you can do it all. You can’t, or maybe you can, but you can’t do it well.

I am writing an eBook right now and it will include every thing I do every day for myself and my clients to get them to the top.  My plan is to have it done by the end of October so people can buy it ($4.99) and implement it for their 2017 marketing.  Yes, for $4.99 I will tell everyone who buys the book my step by step for getting you to the top.  Why not?  I am a kind and giving person.  I started in business to help people and I enjoy doing that.

Why isn’t it free?  Well people don’t perceive value in free things so my coach told me to charge for it.

You will all be the first to know when it launches.  I may even make it free for one day.

I have even been working on a tagline for it – something like “You can do what I do, just do what I do.”

Just never tell anyone that you can do it all, it will bite you in the butt if you do say that.




Article by Carole Sanek 

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