Four Important Branding Tips for Women in Business

If you have an online presence, you have a personal brand. Just like a corporate brand, every status update, tweet, blog post and photo you share becomes a part of your cumulative image. Anyone who views your social profiles — be it a colleague, an employer or a potential business partner — can form an opinion about you based on what’s there. That’s why so many of today’s professionals invest time in building and curating an authentic presence that highlights their best qualities. 

For women in particular, a strong personal brand can open the door to new business and career opportunities. Smart female professionals know that closing the gender gap in the workplace begins with supporting your female colleagues, and putting yourself out there is the best way to make important networking connections with other women in business, said Gabrielle Wood, Ph.D. and adjunct faculty member at Kaplan University.

Whether they’re just starting their careers or looking to advance, here are a few important things for women in business to keep in mind when they’re building their personal brands

1. Let others know where you stand

Who you are and what you value are important parts of your personal brand, Kaplan said. She said that you should share your ideas, advice and opinions on professional subjects via social media. This allows readers to get to know your strengths, where you stand and what to expect from you.

2. Get involved in your community

Whether it’s a digital forum or an in-person networking event, devote some time to causes and conversations that matter to you on a personal and professional level. By strengthening your greater network, you can exchange ideas, find a sounding board and sometimes a support system among those who understand the benefits and challenges and can empathize on multiple levels

3. Believe in what you’re doing

Savvy social media users can spot a disingenuous online presence from a mile away, and if you’re pretending to be interested in something when you’re not, they’ll figure it out.

You can’t fake passion for long, so make sure you believe in what you are doing, whether that is the company you build, or the company you work for. You can pick up a lot of skills in a variety of roles, but the only way to ever achieve your personal greatness is to find the role that piques your passion.

4. Make your actions count as much as your words

Although your digital profiles are the easiest way for new contacts to learn about you, your personal brand goes beyond what you post online. It’s also about what you do in your everyday life.

When it comes to personal brand, people immediately think about writing articles or having a personal website. “While all of this can reinforce and amplify who you are, ultimately, your personal brand is a combination of all your real-life interactions. It’s about how you build relationships, how you respond to situations, and the impressions you leave behind.