Is Women’s Empowerment Becoming Disempowering? Is Women’s Empowerment Becoming Disempowering? 

With everything that has occurred with #metoo, #seeher campaign, and most recently the Ford vs. Kavanaugh case, both women and men are at a very tense time in our society. It feels that now more than ever, genders are split opposed to working together to find solutions against the inequality, stereotypes, and harassment.

However, more recently I have found that even women are starting to tune out to what’s going on in the world and no longer what to be associated with Women’s Empowerment for fear that it will pull them into a political swing or create a negative connotation around them. The term Women’s Empowerment itself can be taken so many ways by so many people.

The current climate in our country about women equality, harassment, and speaking up is absolutely a necessity, however, as both women and men, it’s important that lines don’t blur and create extreme perspectives and thoughts that cause further damage and segregation. Terms like Women’s Empowerment and Feminism have been taken out of context and often are no longer seen as a friendly and uplifting way to support women initiatives.

As we approach the Empowered Women Rise Conference it’s important for Rise Up For You to state that Women’s Empowerment is about opening the minds of all women to the endless possibilities and success they can create in their life. It’s about becoming your best-self as the whole woman so that you can make the impact you want to make in this world and lead in ways that will positively impact those around you.  It’s about showing up fully at 1000% so that you can create the change you wish to see, whether it’s in your household, your company, or your community. Women’s Empowerment is not about disempowering men but creating a safe space for women to be her best professionally and personally.

Empowering women like yourself is a beautiful and needed mission that can transform the workspace and the overall success of women. I hope you can join us on November 3rd where professional women are coming together to connect and build professional relationships as well as take themselves to the next step in their career and life. This conference is not associated with politics or any other elements that can potentially create division. We are all doing our best to build the success and happiness we want and deserve in our lives, and this conference is a platform to help you take another step towards that goal!


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