It is not easy being single especially when the ghost of your divorce or past relationships keep on springing up. However, you only need to look at the silver lining here. This can be a discovery period for you. All this time you had been putting all your energy in making your relationship work. Now you can think back and decide what you really wish to do. You have just one life. Live it the way you wish to. Put your energy into making your dreams come true.But then, you have got to make the best of whatever you have. Remember that there are always a number of perks of not having a man around in your house. So go ahead and enjoy the single life as much as you possibly can.

Here our some simple perks!

  • Having your bed to yourself  It is a blessing not to have a snoring person in your bed. The feeling is awesome. A complete bed for you to roll in is highly desirable.
  • Time to Reinvent Being alone can be a beautiful thing as this is the time you can re-figure yourself out! Going through a break-up or divorce can be very traumatic and inner work is a must to keep balanced and centered.
  • Having a clean house When you clean something it stays clean. Actually, even if the house is a bit messy, it is your own mess. You do not have to clean up someone else’s mess all the time!
  • Choose your life All the remotes are yours now. Watch what you want on the TV. Go out where you want to. Watch all those romantic movies at the theatre and not those action packed shows. Eat what you want and when you want. Decorate your house the way you want to. Go to bed when you want to, and without any guilt about it.

During the days post your divorce or breakup; meet up with your friends and family. They would be like a support system for you. They will help you tide over these turbulent times. This is because they know you so well. This is the perfect time for you to know who your real friends are and who are just doing lip service.

Do not give up on dating just because you have been through a turbulent marriage or relationship. Rather, be open to new relationships. Remember that you have now become more mature. You would make better decisions now. You would be able to choose your partner with care.

Breakups, specifically divorce are not the end of the world. Open your arms and embrace the new world knocking on your door!