Protecting Yourself From Energy Vampires

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As I was coming into this new way of existing, it was extremely important that I protect myself and, to the best of my ability, filter the energy coming into my life. I had figured out how to generally live each day with a positive mindset, yet, as an empath, it was virtually impossible to go unaffected by the words & vibes of others. It was quite frustrating to feel like all of my progress was easily tampered with because I was absorbing the emotions and energy of other people that had yet to seek clarity in their lives. I acknowledged the “energy vampires” in my world and decided I had to set boundaries. We have certain friends or family members that literally suck the life out of us, but I noticed it wasn’t one specific characteristic that would kill my buzz – these energy vampires come in all shapes and sizes. For example, we all have that narcissistic friend or the coworker with the poor-me mentality, but here are some other qualities a person may exhibit that is inadvertently is depleting you.

Often referred to as negative Nancy’s, these individuals have tunnel vision when it comes to bad things happening. No matter what, they will focus on what is wrong in a situation instead of having a grateful mindset.

Then you have the egomaniac that dominates every conversation. It starts and ends with them. Basically, you feel like a sounding board instead of a participant in a two-way conversation. It’s downright exhausting.

The “judger” is sure to drop you down to earth when you share your exciting ideas or positive outlook on something! In order for them to feel valued they devalue you. It’s important to remember that the things they put other people down for are typically the areas where most of their insecurities lie; deflection at its finest.

The drama-starter– they live off of spectacles and circulating rumors. I’ve definitely indulged in my inner gossip girl, but it is so much more peaceful not getting involved and minding my own damn business.

The victim– they speak as if they are the only ones to encounter misfortunes and are constantly in a rut. In some bizarre way, they feed off of the pity, and it’s a never-ending cycle with these people.

I don’t want to feel overwhelmed, drained, or like a need a cocktail after talking to someone. We all experience lows, but when the above behaviors start to be the norm, it’s time for you to limit your interactions and start building a resistance towards their antics. Once I was able to identify the sources, my interactions with these people slightly changed and I immediately felt the benefits. Remember, you have a choice. If you decide to continue to engage in the vortex of negativity, then you can only blame yourself. If you respectfully decline to be a part of their day to day blunders, then you are taking a step in the right direction to protecting your quality of life. I’ve done a lot of work on myself to seek solace for my soul, so I don’t take jeopardizing that lightly. It’s unfortunate when we see the people we care so deeply about being lost in the abyss of negativity but remember you only have the power to control yourself and your involvement.

Alas, sometimes we need to distance ourselves from the people we care most about, but at the end of the day, your sole purpose is making sure you are living the life you intended, with gratitude, happiness, & love, and dissolving the relationships that make you feel empty, tired, and defeated.

Since I can only control to a certain extent how much I avoid certain individuals on a regular basis, I turned to Reiki healing. My intentions with Reiki were to clear out any blocks I had and to develop an invisible shield to negative energy. After my 60-minute session, I felt like I had just received a life-changing transformation. In the most simplistic terms, it’s like a massage for your energy. I felt a wide range of relief, from the soreness in my shoulders to an overall sense of inner peace. Some things that were weighing on me emotionally instantly were gone when my session concluded. I went with an open mind, and this Japanese healing technique definitely had a positive impact on my overall well being.

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