Every woman wants to be loved and have her soul mate by her side always. But things may not be so happy each time. A happy marriage can end in a divorce. A relationship can end in a bitter breakup. Women tend to take these things to their heart. They start brooding over their loss. But the fact is that there is a bright side to being single too.

Just check out some of the great reasons why it’s ok!

Be with yourself

This is something that you would have missed for long. Now at last you would have some me time. You can use this time to reconnect with yourself, talk, discuss and debate with yourself.  Reflect upon what you are doing and what you want to do.

Let go

This is the when you need to accept and let go. There is no point in stalking your boyfriend or husband. You need to let go of the past. Only then will you be able to appreciate the present. Cherish those fond memories, but stop clinging to them. You need to live for today. Do not repeat those fights, frustrations and anger in your mind again and again. Let go of all those harsh memories. Each day awaits you with new experiences and new opportunities!

Know what you were missing

When you were into a relationship, you were putting all your energy into it. But now when you are single, you can sit back and think about what all you really want to do. Now you can put all your energy in those things and hence complete yourself.

Change can be good

There is always an initial resistance to change. You are bound to feel afraid as it is a quick change for you. Everything has changed overnight. Adaptation will take time. At this time, start thinking of all the new possibilities for you. You would be meeting new people, seeing new places, taking up new projects, enjoying new challenges and doing so much more. It is going to be an exciting ride!

Fall in love………..again

Being single does not mean that you have to be afraid to be in love yet again. Your spirits may be low. And your heart may be bruised and broken. But this does not mean that you will not love again. Love is a beautiful feeling and you have every right to experience it again. Just hope that this next person will treat your heart with the love and respect it deserves.


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