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The Only Thing Standing Between You and Your Dream Is….

There is a world of infinite possibility within. The dreams and desires in your heart are yours to make real. They are glimpses of your destiny, and the only thing standing between you and the realization of these dreams is…

You. The only thing that stands between you and the realization of these dreams is you.

That may sound harsh, but there are some things that we all do that don’t serve us and that block you from seeing the results you want.

Yes, love who you are right now. You are already good enough to create whatever it is you desire.

And yes, make all changes from a foundation of that love. Always accept where you are right now, but after acceptance must come action otherwise we’re self-helping and deep breathing ourselves right into mediocrity.

Because the truth is that some things need to change if you want to create that life.

To get the result, you must become the person first.

You must create the habits, let go of what no longer serves you, do the inner work, and continually tune into your goals and into your heart and ask yourself, “I’m ready. What is the next step?”

I’ve changed in so many unfathomable ways that I never would have imagined when I started my journey just a few years ago, and today, I’d like to share a few non-negotiable things for creating your dreams and living the magical life that you long for.

Of course, this only applies to you if you’re fully dedicated to living the life of your dreams, and not letting your fear be bigger than your desire to create an extraordinary life.

That is, if you’re one of US, a crazy, soulful creative who was born for more, one of the ones who won’t stop until they’ve turned every inch of their madness into something beautiful.

One of the ones who would rather die than be mediocre! If you’re fine with being normal and just want to settle in for an average life, then kindly unsubscribe because my work is not for you! We are the mad ones!

Moving on…

Highly sensitive people, look out.

One of the greatest challenges of building my business has been an inner re-negotiation with my high levels of sensitivity.

Through working on my mindset, I’ve come to believe that being highly sensitive, for me anyway, was more of a self-worth / self-belief issue than it was actually being highly sensitive.

For a long time, after every perceived failure, I would crash in a sea of disappointment and self-pity. But I finally realized that this wasn’t serving me. It was a bad habit, and if I wanted to both create success and massive, epic levels of happiness, I was going to have to change a few things.

First, I dug deep to identify the true source of my disappointment and stress. It turned out to be a belief deep within that I would never have what I wanted, that I could work and work and work, but still never be good enough to become the famous online personality that I am becoming or enjoy the crazy awesome business and lifestyle that I’m building.

Yes, I have to honor my feelings, but I’ve had to move from a place of nursing my wounds to a place of heading to my journal, figuring out the root cause of the feelings and then shifting my mind to a place of rock-solid self-belief.

This of course has required me to re-think my self-identity as a highly sensitive person. It was a way I thought of myself that became a self-fulfilling prophecy. A lot of things in my life were organized around this self-perception, but as with all things, I ultimately had to ask myself: do I want to hold onto my ideas of being sensitive or do I want to create the life and business I dream of?

I want to live my dreams. And so I must become the person who would have those results.

This isn’t about changing who I am, or about you changing who you are.

if something is truly a deep part of us, we can’t change that and nor should we.

This is about identifying learned behaviors and ways of responding to things that are learned, and probably created before we were aware.

This is a journey of identifying with our souls, our true selves beyond our smaller personalities and shedding all limitations that keep us from embodying the truth of that radiance.

Is my soul highly sensitive? No. My soul is infinite and offers a constant source of inspiration to realize my biggest dreams, even bigger than I can currently imagine. It’s my fragile ego that’s sensitive.

I choose to identify with my soul and release the constraints of my ego keeping me small.

You can spend your life arguing for your limitations or your dreams. Which do you choose?

(And if you have unconscious blocks from childhood in which you hold on to sensitivity as a way to get attention or love, or you think that being in your power will make you unworthy of love, this will 1,000 percent block your success.

I can teach you how to remove these blocks so you can be free and create your life on purpose so you’re no longer a puppet of pre-determined patterns.)

You must be willing to look like an idiot

For a long time my sense of self was so fragile that I spent a lot of time making sure I appeared perfect. I always wanted to smile and be the nice girl. I never wanted to make anyone not like me or think ill of me.

I invested so much attention in molding what other people thought of me that I totally neglected to work on how I thought of myself.

Over the past six months or so I’ve been doing the inner work to learn total self-belief and become more confident. In experimenting with putting myself out into the world based on my new beliefs, I have embarrassed myself hardcore.

One time in particular I did an Instagram story promoting an offer (this was strategic because stories disappear after 24 hours!) and said something like, “So if you want to like, be totally awesome and kill it at life, you need to join this.”

It wasn’t just the words that I laugh at, but the energy with which I said them, which was obvious false confidence. But the thing is, this was my process, and I knew that at the time.

I knew that it wasn’t about looking confident in that moment, but about taking risks, being willing to look like an idiot, and stepping out of my comfort zone to try new things. And I knew that if I kept doing that, then one day my confidence wouldn’t be fake, but very real.

And today, I cannot even describe to you the inner strength and confidence I feel. There’s this smoldering energy within me, this rock solid interior, and of course I’m human, of course I have feelings, but things don’t pierce my insides like they used to.

I’m less attached to outside opinions and more connected to my own vision and truth.

I’m more willing to gracefully release things that don’t align with that ultimate vision because I know I am a loved child of the Universe and there is no reason to fake humility to be loved.

This is a long journey of learning to feel safe in my power. I realized just the other day that I didn’t feel worthy of love as a powerful woman, so no wonder I allowed myself to crumble so much.

This is a lifelong journey, and even though you get to enjoy so many dreams coming true in the process, at a deeper level, it’s about becoming the kind of person who’s unstoppable. The kind of person who doesn’t waver in the face of disappointment or criticism.

The kind of person who aligns with her infinite soul and not her fragile, easily shattered ego.

The kind of person with the strength of a million wild horses who believes in herself so fiercely that her dreams have no choice but to come true.

Because anything else is just not an option.

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