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The Rise Up For You Annual Conference is a full day of inspiration that empowers, educates, and connects like-minded individuals from all over California, helping them to realize their potential and rise up to new heights in their life professionally and personally. With featured keynote speakers, breakout sessions, one-on-one interviews, and spotlights on local leaders who are positively leading the way, Rise Up For You brings together a diverse range of luminaries from the worlds of business, entertainment, and self-development to serve and inspire you. This non-traditional conference is a full-day event and is more than a conference, it’s an experience that will provide you with lasting connections, insight, and information that will benefit you as the WHOLE person.

The world is waiting for you to show up at your best! 


What You Have to Look Forward To

Main Stage Speakers

Empowering and credible speakers that take the stage to share their innovative ideas and thoughts leadership, self-worth, and living a purpose driven life.

Strategic Breakout Sessions

Customize your conference and pick strategic breakout sessions that best suit you. Breakout coaches have designed a collaborative and interactive session providing you with tips applicable to your career and life.

Pop-Up Lounge Conscious Conversations

Be engaged in the conversation instead of listening from the sidelines. Our interactive pop-up lounge host a live panel on stage with industry experts answering questions from you, the audience. We get to the core of today’s hot topics and challenges. 

Live Entertainment and Fun For All

To top it off we have live entertainment throughout the day creating an unforgettable experience and feeling that you’ll never forget!

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Featured  Speakers from 2018

The Empowered Women Rise Conference is proud to bring 10 influencers who are changing the workforce and personal development space through their innovations, business strategy, and global leadership.

Change your thinking.
Change your behavior.
Change your result.

In this compelling and energetic program, leaders will be inspired and equipped to raise the performance & productivity of their teams. Through humor, insight and experience, AmyK provides real-world, straightforward tools that have immediate practical applications. AmyK shares with leaders how to ignite and harness the brilliance in teams in order to create unprecedented competitive advantages that will drive businesses forward faster.

The Power of Influence – How to Make an Impact and Spark Change

In a world filled with negative media everywhere, Ione Butler has found an alternative way to educate, uplift and inspire millions with her platform Uplifting Content. Ione has struggled with depression, self doubt and negative self talk for years and in 2016 she finally had enough. She created a platform to help those going through dark times and uplift them by sharing stories and content that focus on the good in humanity. In this talk she will explain how to overcome your doubts and fears and rise up to be the change you want to see in the world, have impact and spark change.

Building A Winning Brand- Why And How To Build Out Your Personal Profitable Brand

We know that building a brand is a non-negotiable for companies; but do you know why you should invest in building your own individual brand? Good branding increases loyalty, and memorability, by creating an emotional connection with your clients, audience, and the public, and can position you as a thought leader and influencer in your field.

How To Build Your Confidence & Charisma—Attract the Career, Success and Love You Deserve

Do you ever wish you had more confidence? Do you wonder what it would be like to walk in a room and own it? Building your confidence and becoming more
charismatic will help you get anything you want. It is that compelling attractiveness and magnetism that draws people to you and builds your confidence in relationships and in the work environment. But feeling confident and being charismatic is easier said than done. In this interactive and fun discussion , learn how to build confidence, make connections and find love using her signature formula The Charisma Quotient. She will be teaching you:
 Ways to create a confident image with your personal style
 How to communicate a powerful body language
 What communication tools to use to build a charisma and connections with

Balancing Your Power from Within

Your power from within represents your personal uniqueness. Having the right mindset can amplify that uniqueness and be your most vibrant resource to bring your best life forward and your most meaningful work into this world. Yvonne will share her top five practical solutions and mindful practices that will help you balance your power from within so you can expand your most dynamic attributes and use them every day to create the life you desire and deserve.

Top Strategies for Building Professional Relationships

” ‘Attract important relationships, respect and loyalty from those around you’

Being successful and fulfilled is mostly about developing quality relationships. How people view you is based on the experience they have with you and the value they place on being connected to you. Steve reveals the characteristics and techniques practiced by successful people in every industry and walk of life to help you learn how to improve your own influence so you can create higher quality relationships, be more respected for your viewpoint, have people seek you out for your expertise and gain support more effortlessly from those around you. If you feel invisible in your own community or in your own family, this talk will change your life!

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The World is Waiting For You

The Inner Spirit and Force of YOU!
*Trusting in yourself and believing in your
*Connecting to your creative self
*Embracing the spirit of you
*Celebrating all of you

To be a leader in your life and make an influence in today’s world …

it starts with YOU.

The Power In You- Becoming Your Best Self

According to national economist Betsey Stevenson Justin Wolfers, “Women’s happiness has fallen both absolutely and relative to men’s in a pervasive way among groups, and, in many instances, now report happiness that is below that of men.” The social and professional pressures that women face every day produce challenges on their lives, both professionally and personally. With having to juggle things like career demands, financial stability, and parental duties, women have increasingly lost touch with their happiness and the ability to live their best lives.

In this talk, Nada shares her empowering story on how she was able to redefine herself and her happiness as the whole woman. Through her research based Six Pillars to a Prosperous Life Blueprint, Nada provides practical strategies to jumpstart becoming your best-self, and teaches the importance of focusing on the WHOLE woman!

It’s time to make a shift and start showing up at a 1000%! Together we can change the world one woman at a time!

 8:30 AM Registration/Networking
 8:50 AM Doors Open
 9:00 AM Conference Starts
 9:30 AM Speaker #1 AmyK Hutchens
 10:15 AM Coffee Connections/ Round Table #1
 10:30 AM SPEAKER #2- Nada Lena
 11:15 AM Breakout Session #1
 12:00 PM Lunch
 12:30 PM Presenting Beneficiary/Woman Honoree
 12:40 PM Desi Dennis-Dylan
 12:45 PM Speaker #3- Kim Seltzer
 1:30 PM Breakout Session #2
 2:15 PM Speaker #4- Ione Butler
 3:00 PM Panel Wrap-Up


Pricing &  Registration

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