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Don’t have time to get to the spa or take a mini vacation away? Here are some easy, affordable at home things you can do to make your home a zen den. Watch me walk you through my favorite tips on the video above and get an easy, spark-notes breakdown below for anything you missed or if you are curious what particular ones I own/use for anything.


1) Fill your home with fresh flowers! I love to have fresh flowers around that i’ve bunched together from the farmers market.

2) SPA day at home. I use spa water that has fresh fruit and herbs infused in a mason jars of cold water. The fresh water is ready to go whenever you have guests over, want to reach for something refreshing and delicious. I also love to use epson bath salts- especially lavender! Make a yummy salt soak in small mason jars or scrub an at home with salt, herbs, rose pedals and a hint of coconut oil. Every time you step into the bath or shower you have a nice little treat to exfoliated and treat yourself with.

3) Make your home smell delicious!!! Essential Oils  are have so many uses. I like to have my Nebulising Essential Oil Diffuser  around me around me with jasmine or peppermint in it. Using a beautiful aroma creates a zen den right in your own home. Here’s how it works. Try to avoid using think oils like sandlewood, vetiver, and patchouli.

4) Keep your eye open for small little objects that make you feel joy. I have a dream catcher from Ojai on my wall that spoke to me after seeing an intuitive up north. Little trinkets such as this create small but meaningful moments around your house.

5) My biggest zen den tip is to create scared spaces around your house. For my meditation nook, I have comfy little cushions and pillows with candles, crystals and some dried lavender to bring a zen relaxing energy into the space and make it an exciting place for me to spend my most nourishing time. I even have a small space on my desk where I honor my goldfish that passed away because his memory always makes me feel love and supported while working. Make these spaces your own and feel free to get creative — it’s about making this YOUR zen den and it’ll be a little different for everyone.


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