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Building leaders goes beyond a title or job role Is truly lies In the "Leadership Mindset". When we learn to lead ourselves, then and only then can we have a positive and transformative impact on other team growth, organizational growth, and of course our own personal and professional growth.

Here's What You'll Learn 

Create, develop, and understand the importance of your personal brand.

Learn how to speak confidently during meetings, presentations, and when interfacing with your clients.  

Understand the principles of presenting and public speaking.

Build Emotional Intelligence for both personal and professional applications.

Learn how to manage and modify emotional behaviors that impact interpersonal relationships.

Build upon your ability to mentor and coach.

Gain confidence in the way you communicate, ensuring that you are seen and heard.

Learn the art of negotiation and how to self-promote.


Gain 360° workplace intelligence for decision-making and optimal success. 


1-1 Coaching

1-1 Coaching is personally tailored to your specific 

challenges and growth opportunities. Here you will work one-on-one with an elite Leadership Coach. Programming starts with 8 sessions, meeting once a week, at 60 minutes per session. 

as low as

$2,799 total

Payment options are available


Leadership Mentorbox

This Leadership MentorBox contains 15 of our most valuable leadership videos that can help support where you are now and also where you want to be.​

$97 one time payment


"Rise Up For You provides a curated curriculum on emotional intelligence that moves from self-management to managerial engagement with tactical advice on how to gather feedback and measure improvements in all areas of one’s professional and personal life. I saw a measurable difference in my soft skills, both professionally and personally, surrounding interpersonal communication, confidence, adaptability, and leadership."


Here's What People Are Saying


Nada is a splendid communicator who knows how to unearth the critical issues in any situation. She then takes those issues to action items, gains consensus, and makes it happen—her knowledge of leadership and team development in the business arena is unsurpassed. Rise Up For You continues to provide our team with their expertise in professional development, leadership, and emotional intelligence.


Rise Up For You constructs their training so that people become familiar with research and best practices, as well as presenting engaging activities that allow for self-reflection. They have been amazing to partner with in many professional ways. I can count on them to deliver 100%!


Parul V Sharma, CFE, CIPA

Sr Director, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

As a coach, Nada and Rise Up For You know how to help you build your career strategy, create a leadership brand, and build a community of supporters. They know when to push, when to coach, when to let go, and when to be tough on you. If Nada suggests anything, just take the suggestion and do it, you won't regret it. They know how to get the best out of you. 

Some of Our Past Clients


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The answer always starts with your people. We can help!

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