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Leadership MentorBox

Become a leader who motivates and coaches your team, leads with confidence, and supports organizational growth and success.

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You're a leader, HR professional, or someone who wants to make an impact at work and in the community.

You've got what it takes to be a great leader, but you want to push yourself further, support your team, and add more value to your company.

A recent Gallup poll suggests that 70% of employees who quit their jobs ultimately leave due to unsatisfactory management and leadership. In fact, one of the most common challenges in the workplace today is an uninspiring company culture that features aggressive or inadequate communication and leaves employees feeling devalued. Companies across the US are investing in developmental education to help employees advance their careers and drive results, but the true challenge lies in developing effective managers and leaders.


Building leaders goes beyond a title or job role.  It truly lies in the "Leadership Mindset." When we learn to lead ourselves, then and only then can we have a positive, transformative impact on our team growth, organizational growth, and of course our own personal and professional growth.


This Leadership MentorBox contains 15 of our most valuable leadership videos that can help support where you are now and also where you want to be.

Here's a Sneak Peek at What You'll Learn

This is only some of the great content! 

How to overcome confidence crushers that hinder your leadership

How to create a stand-out LinkedIn profile

How to represent your company and brand during uncertain times

Best practices for motivating, coaching, and mentoring your team

Learn ways to engage your audience and keep them with you while presenting, speaking, and leading a meeting

Build strategies to resolve conflict and practice empathy

Discover what next-level leadership looks like and how to eliminate your blind spots

Develop ways to build your personal council and board

Ways to unleash your leadership presence

How to define and strengthen your personal brand

How to build your emotional intelligence

Understand the new skills needed in the future workforce

Discover the eight learning styles every leader needs to know



Here's What People Are Saying


Jordan Zraick

Product Director at Pi-Lit

"Nada and Rise Up for You have been extremely helpful in developing my leadership skills, both professionally and personally. Her understanding and diagnostics of my various situations and her suggested approaches to combat these challenges have greatly improved my ability to effectively run my business. I can’t recommend her and Rise Up enough. Not only has she helped me, but also my sister and her fiancé in their leadership efforts as well. I can confidentially say they both would share the same praises as well."


Sara Chevere

Financial Advisor

"Nada's unique but necessary approach to Leadership and Management is the key to innovation. She has proven to be a visionary on the needs in this day and age for Companies. She understands the needs between employees and managers and how to close the gaps in communication inside the work environment to reach real success and create a culture that ensures the growth of any company."


Rafael Durand

Executive Leadership Coach

"The positive leadership style, helped me maintain a high level of motivation and engagement throughout the program. The Rise Up For You resources and methodology she used, provided me, not only with the framework I needed to stay in-course throughout the program but with plentiful ideas to take my business to the next level."

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