What’s Your Next Step?

Sound Familiar?

  • You’re struggling to find purpose in your life and don’t know what your next step is. 
  • You just graduated from college and you can’t find a job.
  • You’re swimming in student loans and can’t find a job to pay it off. 
  • You spend night after night losing sleep because you’re worried about how you are going to pay your bills. 
  • You feel more disconnected than you’ve ever felt, even though our society is more connected than we’ve ever been.

The time is now to pave your path, pursue your potential, and find your purpose.


Don’t Become A Statistic

  • Millennials that are unemployed. 40% 40%
  • Young adults who couldn’t cover a $500 surprise expense. 63% 63%
  • Recent graduates who aren’t using the degree they paid for. 44% 44%
  • Millennials and IGen have the highest levels of stress and depression. 90% 90%
  • Top illnesses in today’s young adults: alcoholism, depression, and substance abuse. 85% 85%
  • Young adults have the highest rate of job dissatisfaction. 90% 90%


What We Can Do For You

Build Your Confidence


Identify Career Goals

Enhance People Skills


Create An Action Plan


Cultivate Inner Growth


You’re the next generation

Next Generation Rise is committed to helping you pave your path and navigate your next step. We understand the challenges that come with graduating from school or transitioning into the workforce. With our team of experts and educators, we help guide you through your next steps in life by providing you with tools and resources to build people skills, confidence, and career momentum.

  • Private 1-1 Coaching
  • Online Courses
  • Monthly Skill Building Workshops

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