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Today the workplace is more dynamic and diverse than it’s ever been, however, new challenges in the workplace are growing each and every day. This podcast brings corporate leaders to you sharing solutions and strategies to enhance your company culture and bring your people together.

All of the solutions to your problems start with the people.

Today’s Guest:

Brenda Calle LeGault – The Director of Client Service for ISC Resources. She is a staffing veteran that is passionate about helping people re-enter the workforce or change directions in their career. Brenda start her career as a technical recruiter working in Aerospace then branched out to Automotive and Medical Device. Brenda had the pleasure of running Rockwell Collins (now Collins Aerospace) contract labor and MSP on the West Coast for 5 years. Brenda also implemented Raytheon’s MSP and had the pleasure of overseeing all of Raytheon’s contract labor for 7 years. At ISC she currently works to help companies find solutions for the Instructional Design and Learning and Development departments to retain the workforce and develop their employees. 


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