Today we will be speaking to Jenn Scalia on tips and strategies on branding, social media, viral videos and how to make sure your getting your message out there.

In just one year, single mom Jenn Scalia went from rock bottom (losing the love of her life, moving in with her parents, and going into debt) to creating a multi 6-figure business and becoming an online superstar.

Known for her tough love, no-B.S. style, Jenn helps entrepreneurs overhaul their biggest fears and empowers them to share their message with the world.

Today, thousands of entrepreneurs follow her teachings on how to promote their brands online. She teaches online business owners how to run social media challenges, create viral videos, and write epic thought leadership content to create massive growth, just like she did. Jenn lives in New Jersey with her toddler son, Dante. She’s the bestselling author of Against the Grain (co-authored with speaker Brian Tracy) and has been regularly featured in the Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and MindBodyGreen.

My Favorite Points of the Episode:

  • One book that you’ve read that had a massive impact on your life that you would recommend?
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