Guest Speaker for Episode #102 Ora Nadrich

Today we will be speaking to Ora Nadrich, about how we can banish the negative thoughts that come into our mind on a daily basis! As many of you know, self-doubt and fear is the number one factor that gets in our way! Today Ora is going to break down Seven questions that you can start to implement today, that can help you reach the success you want! These questions can help you move past the fear whether it’s in your career, relationships, love or more!

Nadrich is a certified life coach and mindfulness meditation teacher based in Los Angeles. She works with some of the busiest people in the world. She’s also made extensive forays into a whole range of therapies and philosophies, from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Jungian Analysis to Buddhism and Kabbalah. As a child she witnessed and then internalized a family tragedy, and as a successful actress (her list of credits includes a feature film opposite William Hurt) she found herself stricken with fear and guilt despite a blooming career.

Embarking on a journey to heal herself, she wound up armed with an expansive spectrum of knowledge and wisdom, and a true gift for healing others. From all of this sprung the very insightful Says Who. Nadrich asserts that it takes more than just being aware of our fears and issues to tackle them. We need to turn self-awareness into action, and work to master the very thoughts and fears that dig into our psyches and slow us down. This is mindfulness as a functional, effective tool: by identifying and questioning the very thoughts that trap us, we can begin to break free.


“The Big Idea: We think 60,000–70,000 thoughts a day, and sadly, it’s the negative ones we tend to hear the loudest. But using a set of daily, simple questions, we can stop them the instant they pop up to sabotage us. It’s as simple a practice as brushing your teeth.

Why It Matters: Negative thoughts damage our lives and happiness: they create behaviors that railroad the best of intentions. As mindfulness, mediation, and certified life coach Ora Nadrich points out, you simply can’t lead a happy and fulfilled life if your inner dialogue is conflicted or causing you to suffer. Now there’s a way out of the tangle.

Key Messages: In Says Who, Ora Nadrich has created an incredibly easy to follow method to get rid of negative thoughts, taking away all their power over us. It will work for anyone. It starts by realizing that we are in control over our own thoughts, and we get to decide who stays. Nadrich can also discuss:

  • The 7 key questions to ask every day to challenge negative thoughts.
  • Why revealing the nature of a negative thought robs its power over you.
  • Why most of our negative thoughts don’t even belong to us.
  • How negativity tricks us into believing we’re being productive when we’re not.
  • Why we find negative thoughts so comforting
  • How to treat a negative thought like an intruder on your property.

GOLDEN NUGGET: Take the step to discover your true authentic self!

RECOMMENDED BOOK: Authors I enjoy: Dali Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson

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