Guest Speaker for Episode #104 Angelique Millis

Today we will be speaking to Angelique Millis! She is going to be talking to us about health, fitness, and how we can really ensure that we are keeping our mind and body strong! For those of you who have lacked consistency for the last couple months or even year, this is a great episode to jump-start your health and fitness! Angelique will be giving us three important steps to help get us going again! She will also be touching on the difference between a sustainable diet and something that can work for you every single day!

Angelique Millis is a Certified Fitness Professional, Journalist and Lifestyle Coach living in Los Angeles, CA. As a weight loss success story that combated her vices and transformed her physique by losing nearly 40 pounds & 5 dress sizes, Angelique has transcended her passion for health and fitness into motivating & educating others on reaching their fitness potential. With a B.S. in Journalism & Mass Communications from Florida International University, Angelique is a contributing writer to several health & fitness magazines and websites including Kettlebell Magazine, Physique Magazine, Sports Nutrition Insider and Bodybuilding.com as well as the author of “The Fit Success Lifestyle Program- a Fitness Plan to transform your Body & your Life”. Angelique is firmly dedicated to helping others improve their lives and because leading a fit lifestyle often involves a degree of sacrifice and discipline that many struggle with, she aims to write empowering content geared towards “fitness beginners” that can both inspire and guide readers as they embark or re-embark on their fitness journey. She believes that “Goals without Deadlines are Only Dreams” and that people can begin their fitness journey by taking a proactive approach to improving their health & fitness levels by setting detailed and realistic personal goals and enjoying the process. As a former Managing Director of a nationally recognized media firm, Angelique looks forward to sharing her firsthand experience, tools and strategies for developing & retaining a strong and focused “life/work/fitness balance” by helping others implement and maintain a fit lifestyle in the midst of a stressful corporate work environment.


Find exercise that fits into your schedule.

Ensuring a balance between cardio and weight training

Have a variety of things to do to keep your body guessing

Head into the gym having a plan!

Invest in a trainer or health coach

  1. Mind leads the body. Have a strong mindset and ensure you have goals leading you to your health. Affirmations can be used to help you get healthy and hit your goals.
  2. Be prepared with your food! Meal prep a few times a week and take it with you! 85% of it is your food and showing up to your workout!
  3. Hold yourself accountable! What’s your why?

GOLDEN NUGGET: Try to keep your energy uplifted. Life is short and we just need to live it with as much love. Be as happy as possible!

RECOMMENDED BOOK:  “The Secret” and Gabriel Bernstein “The Universe Has Your Back” (check spelling and author)

STAY CONNECTED: For more details or to subscribe to her free newsletter visit www.AngeliqueMillis.com EFC services include Personal Training, Online Training, Small Group Exercise Sessions, Customized Workout & Diet Plans and are available at the EFC studio or on-site at the workplace with her Corporate Wellness Programs. Angeliquemillis.com @Physiquebyangelique

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