Episode #218 with Sean Smith- Bridging The Gap Between Masculine & Feminine Energies

In today’s episode, we discuss
  • Healing the Masculine Wound in Women.
  • What the masculine & feminine energies are.
  • What the masculine wound is.
  • How women typically respond to the wound that leads to self-abuse & abandonment.
  • What 2 things women need to fully heal themselves of the masculine wound.

About Our Guest: 

Sean Smith is a father & husband first, coach & trainer second. At the age of 13, he was nearly killed by his next-door neighbor in a hit-and-run accident while riding his bicycle to school. Police said the car was traveling over 50 miles per hour.
Understanding that God gave him a second chance that day, Sean stopped taking life for granted and promised himself to live in
excellence, never settling for mediocrity. But despite that promise and extreme determination, he still struggled to achieve his biggest goals for the next 20 years.

Everything changed when he had his first life coaching experience in the middle of a crowded hotel lobby, which helped him drop his biggest fear of not being “good enough” in one 15-minute session! From that moment, he was hooked on the power of coaching and the unconscious mind. He dedicated his life’s work to studying the human brain, how we can stop sabotaging ourselves and maximize our potential in the pursuit of our life’s purpose.

Sean has built a thriving coaching company in the top 1% of the personal development industry. He has produced well over 1,000 articles, audios, and videos on nearly every imaginable topic related to success and fulfillment. Sean has spoken all over the globe, appeared on every major TV network, has co-created with personal development legends Jack
Canfield and Lisa Nichols and in 2013, was named “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker”.

RECOMMENDED BOOK:  Failing Forward, John Maxwell

YOUR #1 VALUE: Uniqueness

GOLD NUGGET: Be who you can be and do what you could do, live a good life!

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