Episode #223 with Paula Grooms- Part 2 Why Won’t He Commit

The “ah ha” moments you will have from listening to Paula will forever turn your negative feelings about men’s mystifying and frustrating, non-committal behaviors into loving acceptance. You’ll finally be able to love men in the way they need to be loved, in order to get the love and life-long commitment you deserve!
What will learn from Paula:
• A fun, analogous way to understand how differently men and women love, commit and bond.
• Why a good man may have an affair, believing that he is doing the right thing by his wife and family.
• Why time and great sex are not factors in a man committing, no matter the amount of love he feels for a woman.

About Our Guest:

Paula Grooms is a Dating and Relationship Coach, as well as a Master’s level Social Worker with nearly 20 years of professional experience. Through her public speaking platform and international coaching program, Coach Paula helps passionate people with the unique needs of their partner for strong, sustainable and committed relationships.

In her popular book, Why Won’t He Commit? How a Man Decides to Make You “The One,” Coach Paula explains why The Rules for women work so well for men to fall in love, stay in love and commit. Through her fun and engaging theories, such as The Puppy Principle and The Consumer vs. Buyer Relationship, Paula helps women to understand the unique way in which men view women, communicate, love, commit and make their “forever” romantic decisions.

RECOMMENDED BOOK:  Paula Grooms book, Why He Won’t Commit

YOUR #1 VALUE: Respect

GOLD NUGGET: Leaving women with understanding how men commit.

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