Brian is a highly driven leader and sales professional in the mortgage industry and very passionate about people, leadership development and leading change. He believes by embracing the technology in the mortgage industry, you can improve the loan consultant and consumer’s experience. Along with his role at loanDepot, he is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and serves on various committees.

Brian has an amazing wife and 3 awesome kids and enjoys playing and coaching soccer and working out at Iron Tribe Fitness.
As VP, Regional Production Leader of the TN, VA, MD, DC, AL, MS, LA & AR Sales Team, his days are spent coaching, mentoring, recruiting, business development and training leaders and loan consultants to consistently achieve their personal, professional, and financial objectives as well as needs of their clients.

Brian’s time is dedicated to his team, internal and external referral partners, and LoanDepot customers.

He believes in a few basic tenants:
1. Be kind to others and put out positive energy to attract the right people
2. Always be a learner and addicted to growth through personal development
3. Be hungry and have hustle in your game, giving & sharing your talents and gifts with others
4. Surround yourself with great people/association matters
5. Be passionate about your vision and live your purpose today
Instagram: @thebriancovey


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