paulPaul Colaianni is a personal empowerment coach and host of The Overwhelmed Brain, a personal growth and development show for critical thinkers. He’s written two books, Clear the Path to Happiness, and How to Deal with Irrational People and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Paul is going to talk without us about how to overcome self doubt and why compassion towards yourself is a necessity!

My Favorite Points of the Episode:

  • Your message resonates so much with me, it’s very parallel with my mission with women. I want to dive into the importance of sticking up for yourself to not only others but yourself.
  • I work with quite a few people that become so overwhelmed with themselves and have anxiety attacks. How would you suggest people cope with anxiety?
  • One book that you’ve read that had a massive impact on your life that you would recommend? The Manipulative Man by, Dorthy McCoy
  • How do we stay connected and support you? www.overwhelmed

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