Guest Speaker For Episode #137 Yaro Starak

Today we will be speaking with Yaro Starak on running a business and getting it started; no such thing as standing still as an entrepreneur! We will also be touching on how to speak to your audience and learn about the needs of your group. Yaro brings incredible and valuable information to those who want to start an online business or Podcast!

Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint and founder of the blog. He began blogging over ten years ago initially as a hobby, however as his income from blogging surpassed $10,000 a month, he decided his future lay in this new publishing medium. Since then Yaro has used his blog as a platform to sell over $2 million dollars in e-books, online courses, and membership sites.

Today Yaro is a mentor to thousands of experts, authors, coaches, consultants, speakers, and trainers, teaching how to turn knowledge into a profitable online business. Yaro helps people set up their own “Blog Sales Funnel”, a system that combines blogging with email marketing to build a platform to sell digital training products on autopilot.

Yaro has a proven track record of results, with his “graduate bloggers” going on to make thousands of dollars – some even millions – in such diverse niches as book design, ADHD counseling, acne treatment, BMX bikes, skiing, cars, sports news, speed reading, real estate, television production and fat loss.


  1. If you can’t pay rent don’t start a blog to pay rent.
  2. Use your down time to work on your business!
  3. When you’re building from scratch you’re giving birth to a baby essentially!
  4. How are you going to help people?
  5. People go wrong when they don’t know the audience they serve. Understand your client!
  6. Speak to your audience! Learn about the needs of your group.
  7. Tips to Stand Out:
    1. The art of publicity. What catches attention? Unique stories!
    2. You need a claim to fame! A hook that markets you.
    3. How do you compel others through your story?
  8. Running a business and getting it started; no such thing as standing still as an entrepreneur.
  9. Treat everything like a scientific experiment without getting too involved emotionally.
  10. Pillar post! Pillar content= long term value!

RECOMMENDED BOOK: Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story by Arnold Schwarzenegger

YOUR #1 VALUE: Transparency through story telling

GOLD NUGGET: Do unto others like you would have done on to you!

WHAT DOES RISE UP FOR YOU MEAN TO YOU? Rise Up and let out the creation you want to create!


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