Episode #313 with Tracy Timm – Discover Your Ideal Career and Create a Path to Sustainable Success

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Tracy Timm is a career strategist and human capital advisor. Her program, The Nth Degree® Academy, helps high-potential professionals discover their career “sweet spot” through a mix of self-discovery, tactical training, and some much-needed tough love. Tracy has a degree in behavioral psychology from Yale, a severely bruised ego from working on Wall Street, and has logged one trip around the entire globe. She believes that our unique purpose in life can be realized through our careers, and wants to help people come alive at work once again. STAY CONNECTED: Website: tracytimm.com/ LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tracytimm/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/therealtracytimm Instagram: www.instagram.com/thetracytimm/?hl=en


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