It’s astonishing how may people walk around this planet as if no one is watching them or observing their behaviors. We often say and do whatever we want without truly understanding that we as individuals can make an impact and teach others, even without a teaching credential.

Everyone is a teacher and as soon as we can get ourselves to believe this, our world will indeed become a better place. The majority of issues that arise in relationships whether it’s romantic, a friendship, or work related is due highly to the fact that we forget to teach one another. Instead we fight with each other or in many cases reprimand.

I often became frustrated myself when I saw educators in a school system give multiple detentions and suspensions because a student was acting out. Hardly ever did I see a teacher say, “Hey let’s talk, why are you acting out and how can I help?” This is teaching and allowing change to occur before giving up and “reprimanding or punishing.” Or how about the CEO who says, ” I’m not happy with what you’re doing so fix it!” Hmmmmm……well what does that mean to “fix it?”

Many people have a false illusion of what it means to be a teacher and teach. Here are five misconceptions and five real truths about teaching.

Common misconceptions that people have about teaching:

  • Adults can only teach young adults or children.
  • Teaching can only occur from a superior position down to a so called “inferior” position. Example: Boss to staff member.
  • I don’t have a degree so I can’t teach.
  • I don’t claim to be a teacher therefore I’m not teaching anyone.
  • Teaching is about me and how I feel.

The real truth about teaching:

  • EVERYONE! YES EVERYONE is a teacher and has the ability to uplift and instill change in others.
  • Teaching is not about you! You teach to help and guide others not for the sake of hearing your own voice or tooting your own horn.
  • Adults can teach other adults in their day to day life. This concept is actually extremely empowering and uplifting. We forget as adults that it’s ok to embrace change and to accept new ideas. We do not have to be in competition with others, instead, let’s soak in their wisdom and knowledge.
  • A teaching degree doesn’t make you a great teacher. The passion and ability to help and show care for others and their success does.
  • Teaching can occur without you even saying one word!

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