Now and days the term “Networking” seems to have received a negative connotation. When we think of networking we think of ways others can help benefit us. However, in todays world this is just not the way to do it anymore! People don’t want to be approached and talk with you if you’re only wanting to take, take, take. The mindset of networking needs to change to “connecting.”

People today are too selfish to understand that it’s not about them but the other person. When you change your focus to care about others, everything comes to you ten fold! Connecting with others and building relationships will take you a lot further in your endeavors. People want to know that you care about them and are interested in them. Building a true and AUTHENTIC relationship will then allow the doors of possibility to open.

Don’t talk to someone because they are rich and can help you, talk with them because they’re interesting people and they are the type of  you would love to be around. Think of them as your potential friend.

Here are some ways to help connect in the right way!

Talk about them!

The best way to connect is by showing others you are interested in them and what they do! People love talking about themselves and they feel great when others seek interest and want to hear about their journey, goals, career, and family.

Don’t Talk About Yourself Yet!

Don’t talk about yourself unless the other person starts to ask you questions. Let them be the one to inquire about you just like you inquired about them!

Know When It’s Time!

When the other person is truly interested in you and what you do, sell it baby! Once the door opens and the other person wants to know about your endeavor, this is your time to lay it all out there.

Don’t ask for anything!

Don’t ask for anything the first time you connect. Build a relationship and later down the road once you’ve connected and kept in touch, then talk about the possibilities of collaborating together! Collaborating is the key word!

Bonus Tip:

Always ask how you can support or help the individual you are talking. Showing you care will more then likely prompt others to ask you the same.

Double Bonus Tip:

Always walk away with a card or some kind of contact info. Let others know you would like to stay connected. Once you’ve done so, follow up with a short email “Hey it was great meeting you, let’s stay connected in the future.”

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