Everyday Life Tips to Being Truly Independent

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Feeling independent is one of the best feelings in the world! It gives people freedom, a sense of self-worth, and even helps save up a few dollars every now and then. However, just because you moved out of your parents’ house, have a family of your own or just bought a new property, it doesn’t mean you’re an independent individual! Fortunately, these everyday life tips will certainly provide you with knowledge and motivation to be truly independent.

In the house

Owning a home or an apartment is an amazing thing that gives people a lot of independence and freedom. On the other hand, being a property owner also carries many responsibilities if you want to have a beautiful, safe, and cost-effective home. For instance, don’t let yourself call a plumber just because you need to unclog your drains or toilet. Instead, start with a plunger; if it fails, move to the drain snake, and finish off with a chemical drain cleaner. Most clogs will give in to these tools and solutions in half an hour max!

Another thing you can fix quickly and efficiently is squeaky doors! Just spray some WD-40 on the hinges (or cooking oil if you don’t have the real deal), and close and open the door for a minute until the fluid gets into the creaky parts.

Smaller roof issues like missing or worn-out shingles can also be easily taken care of with only a few nails and new shingles. Just be careful how you climb your roof!

In the kitchen

There’s nothing independent in basing your entire diet on a pizza delivery and Chinese takeaway, especially when there are so many amazing meals you can prepare with only a few ingredients! For instance, making a good omelet takes 10 minutes, a pan, some eggs and your desired toppings (from smoked salmon or bacon to chives and red bell pepper).

Another thing you need to know how to prepare is chicken soup. This simple dish can help cure a cold and flu or just offer some comfort and warmth in the cold winter days. All you need is some stock, a bit of chicken meat, a lot of healthy veggies, and some seasoning. Simple pasta (mac and cheese from the box doesn’t count) should also be somewhere among your recipes. There are so many amazing pasta dishes you can make from 5 simple ingredients, and most of the time there’s absolutely no way you can mess it up!

With your car

Unless you’re planning to be a car mechanic, you don’t have to know everything about your car. However, every independent and responsible road user needs to know a few things about their vehicle. The first thing concerns your car maker, specific model, and the year it was manufactured. Many things like fluids, parts, and car accessories depend on the manufacturer and the car’s year, so you really need to know these, otherwise, you’re risking getting the wrong parts. This might seem very obvious, but there are many people out there who actually don’t know their car’s year of manufacture.

Another thing every responsible and independent car owner has to know about their vehicle is how to deal with car fluids—engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Checking oil levels, refilling the tank,  and even replacing the fluid are all quite easy tasks and you have hundreds of amazing tutorials online that can additionally help. You really don’t have to pay a mechanic to do these things for you.

You also have to check for your tire pressure regularly. This is another very important, yet an easy task, which can save you a lot of money and make your rides much safer. For instance, if you’re driving a small SUV, many newer models have a Pressure Monitoring System that will alert you when you need extra air. If your older car model doesn’t have an electronic air pressure system, remember that a simple tire pressure gauge costs only about $20, so there are really no excuses to drive flat!

When you travel

Traveling is usually a social activity, but truly independent individuals aren’t afraid to embark on an adventure by themselves! Solo traveling is gaining popularity among both genders, and more and more young people choose to travel alone. Really, there’s nothing to be afraid of, especially if you use your common sense, pack well, and make proper preparations.

Another thing an independent traveler should know is how to find the best plane tickets and cheapest accommodation. Don’t grab the first ticket you see. Wait a little, make frequent checks (in incognito mode!!!), and don’t shy away from budget airlines! When it comes to accommodation, you can check out hostels and Airbnbs. Also, don’t forget to collect hotel points when you opt for this type of accommodation—you can exchange them for free stays!

There are a lot more things a successful and independent adult has to know, but these four are the bare minimum. Nevertheless, they will certainly inspire you to learn other useful life hacks and become even more emancipated!

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