It’s all too often that we watch our family, friends, and even ourselves sit on the side line and watch life pass us by. We watch others in jealousy, discouragement, and envy as opposed to admiration, motivation, and action. The majority of us have a vocabulary full of the words wish, dream, hope, and luck.  We want but we don’t do, we wish but we don’t act, we dream but we don’t live.

It’s time to act, do, and commit to what we want and what we deserve. No longer should you sit on the side line and wish for a great life or wish to have happiness. Be the person that acts and strives for a better life.

The number one barrier that stops people from being great is themselves.  Our mind, our inner voice that spits out negativity, and our insecurities bring us down and create a comfortableness, a hesitation,  and a stagnation that makes us sad, bitter, and unfulfilled.

I challenge you today to JUST DO IT! Build that business that you always wanted, work your way towards financial freedom, find the love that you always wanted, develop the strength internally that will build your confidence, find your happy place when it comes to health, be the best version of yourself every day!

It’s time to JUST DO IT! Not tomorrow, not yesterday, not in five hours , but now, right now!

So let’s go! Let’s work together as we make our way towards a Level 10 in life! Follow these steps to put your life in perspective so you can work towards greatness and happiness.

  • Rate the 6 most important elements in your life between 1-10, 10 being amazing!
    • Relationships (not love, this is networking, connecting, community building, friends)
    • Investing (if you lost your job tomorrow how much money do you have saved to buy you time)
    • Self Worth
    • Entrepreneurship (Are you happy with your current job? or are you wanting more?)
    • Love
    • Health and Fitness
  • Now add those up and find your average.
  • If you’re less then a 10 in any area than it’s time to make some changes for yourself. After all why would you want to accept a 4 or a 6 in any area above? You deserve to be the best you, you can be. This doesn’t mean you need to be a millionaire. This means you need to figure out what 10 means to you!
  • After you have rated each element, write down what you believe will make you a level 10 in each category. For example: If I could reach 21% body fat and weigh 140 pounds I would be at my level 10 for Fitness. Figure out what your 10 is for every area.
  • Now start small so you don’t overwhelm yourself and every day put 10 minutes aside to work towards a level 10 in every category. That can be saving $5 every day in a money jar or working out for a hard 10 minutes if you have’t exercised in a while, or working 10 minutes every night to start formulating that start-up business that you always wanted!

You can do it! It’s starts with you and no one else so JUST DO IT already!

Remember the dream is free but the hustle is sold separately!