For many of us the daily grind has become second nature to us. We wake-up in the morning, head to the bathroom and brush our teeth, grab that morning cup of coffee or water, some of us get our children up and running for school and then soon enough we hit the road once again on our way to work. Once we get to work the majority of us begin to countdown the hours to go home and once again repeat the cycle.

Eventually day after day, week after week, we start to feel like robots as we put ourselves in “auto mode.” Our reasons for waking up every morning and going to work no longer seem to have value or gratification. Naturally we start to become tired, bitter, and frustrated with our day to day routine.

However, there is a few percent of us who have it right! They jump up in the morning with excitement and begin their day with positivity and purpose.

So what’s the difference between the majority and the few percent in this case?

The few percent have found purpose in what they do!

We as a society get caught and stuck in the downers of life such as bills, work, and life itself. Our life begins to fall apart in front of us as we begin to stress about what we have and what we do not have. We become caught in our own web of fears, comfort, and so called “stability.”

The fact of the matter is everything can change in a positive way if you only knew your “Why!” Why do you wake up every morning?, why do you head to work every day?, why do you work there?,  and why are you in this relationship? As you begin to ask yourself these questions you will soon see that more than likely change is in need.

Here’s the great news! You have the power to make it happen.

Let’s do an exercise together to help jump start this rise in change, if you have a journal grab it to take notes in or print this article and input your answers directly.

Answer the following questions then rate your happiness for each question from 1-10, 10 being amazing.

1.Why do you wake up every morning?
2.Why do you go to work?
3.Why have you chosen this career?
4.Why or why not are you in a relationship?
5.If you are in a relationship why are you with your partner?

Now take a look at your answers and really reflect on what you wrote down. If you rated your happiness under 10 in any category continue on with the exercise. I can almost guarantee all of you reading will continue on.

For each category write down why it’s less then 10 and the issues that are creating a less then amazing experience for you.

Once you have figured out where the issues are and why, list 3 things in each category  that you can personally change in a positive way.

Now that you have done this exercise, it’s time to implement it. Life is too short to wait any longer to be happy and to live a 10 life! Do not let bills, insecurities, or comfort hold you prisoner. Of course your mind is saying “What? I have bills to pay, I have kids, there’s no time!” Make the time! Create a calendar and an action plan to help you make the above changes. If you want results you have to work overtime for a bit until you can slowly drop your unwanted baggage.

Your why is key to your happiness! Remember at the end of the day only you can make the change you wish to see!

Rise Up For You, Be better today then yesterday and prepare for a greater tomorrow!