What is Head Trash? The phrase head trash is a phrase often used pertaining to a mindset of self-limiting beliefs.

A more expanded definition of head trash is when someone tells you junk or lies that get into your head.  It’s the script that runs through your thoughts that keeps you from taking positive action.

What’s going on in your head? Destructive head trash and limiting beliefs? Or are you thinking positively, but still down on yourself? If you don’t believe in yourself and aren’t constantly working to replace the negative head trash with the right positive thoughts, you’re not going to get the results you want. You are your hardest sell. If you don’t believe in you, no one else will either.

Below, we’ll touch on four other head trash beliefs, but to get the full message, watch the FREE five video course on head trash.

Head Trash of Comparison

If you do a Google search, you’ll probably find there are thousands doing what you are attempting to do. This can either be an assurance that you’re headed in a field where there is demand or discouraging as you look at the competition.

To combat this,  focus on your strengths and uniqueness, which will be covered in the next steps. If you limit your focus, you will continue to compare and limit your beliefs in yourself. Solutions include limiting your time on social media and reading of other’s accolades. Celebrate with those who are truly successful, but don’t be held back because you feel like a nobody. You are definitely a somebody!

Head Trash of Not Good Enough

Every time you enter a competition, whether it is for music, for art, for sports or any other area, it is easy to think you’re not good enough. You take a deep breath, summon up the confidence to play, run, draw or speak but the feeling doesn’t ever completely go away.

I have known many successful business people start their businesses with smoke and mirrors. They walked into a situation where they were really not good enough, at least at that point. However, they became good enough very quickly. How? By taking risks, learning quickly and growing in the process. 

Outwardly, they were now good enough, but inwardly? To meet the inward demands of being good enough, you need to understand your strengths and be comfortable with who you are.

Head Trash of Learning New Skills

Does learning new skills scare you? The first step to combat the feelings that you can’t learn a new skill is to identify your core strength or core competency. There are many books and resources to pursue this subject and so we will not go too in-depth here. But once you know what your basic strengths are, you can build on your competency to develop the skills you need to increase your proficiency and ability to work.

In learning a new skill, you have to break it down into small achievable steps, especially in the tech fields. Just like a math equation, simplify the principle down to the very basics. If you face the fear of working with anything technical, get a buddy and work along-side him or her. You’ll be amazed at what you pick up experiencing tech together!

Head Trash of Why Try Anyway?

You just work hard…then you die! (How depressing!) This gets back to your purpose and personal mission statement. Working from the inside out is important because by doing so, every other area of your life will be impacted. Many self-help programs focus on confidence, dreams, and your image. But without some sort of rescripting of your purpose statement, you end up aimlessly driving a car through life.

Identify your feelings.  Journaling is an excellent exercise. Your journal entries don’t have to be long, but they should be consistent. I recently started a ninety-day challenge, writing just a sentence or two of my thoughts in the morning. I’m now filling my second book, journaling short thoughts as it has become a consistent habit. Many of those thoughts have given me insight to my purpose and my mission as they now are top-of-mind.

What Now?

Many live with a deep-seated anger about life’s unfairness or a feeling of getting passed by. If not checked, that victim attitude will taint every part of your life, with countless bursts as well as depression. (See Victim video) Get professional help if needed, but also spend enough time scripting your thoughts, then literally throwing those scripts in the trash! It will help you move on. And that is what I want for you!

article by deborah johnson