Webinar Series #9 with Gillian Mandich- The Surprising Science of Happiness Part 2

Webinar #9 with Gillian Mandich- The Surprising Science of Happiness,

Currently completing her doctoral studies at Western University in Health and Rehabilitation Science, Gillian Mandich’s research examines health promotion, specifically physical activity, childhood obesity, nutrition, happiness, and diabetes. Gillian is one of the co-hosts of the popular health/fitness podcast and TV show “The Holistic Health Diary”, TV host and Community Producer of “Gillian Mandich: Cooking Adventures”, a certified yoga and Yoga Tune Up® teacher, and a two-time IronGirl. Gillian also serves on the Advisory Board and is a reviewer at Examine.com; is the creator, producer and host of Health Science Radio on CHRW 94.9FM; is a health guest host on the Home Shopping Network (HSN); writes for numerous print and online media; and is the president of the Western Chapter of the Canadian Obesity Network. Find Gillian online at www.gillianmandich.com or on Twitter and Instagram @gillianmandich.

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