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Rise Up For You Worldwide is a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase social and emotional connection, well being, and human skills amongst ALL youth to support their personal success as students, and as future professionals. Through community outreach, events, and youth programming, Rise Up For You Worldwide has a specialized focus on building personal and professional soft skills (human skills), in the Next Generation. Rise Up For You Worldwide is an official Non-profit organization fiscally sponsored and housed through OneOC. 


Today’s Youth Are Crying for Our Help

iGen or GenZ (middle and high school students) — who are the targeted demographic — have a heightened sense of anxiety and disconnectedness, and face mental health challenges as a result of isolation, a lack of programming and extracurricular funding, technology, and social media consumption, and shockingly low emotional baselines.

Today, even in 2020, we are still seeing a lack of Emotional Intelligence and Soft Skills curriculum in our K-12 school system needed for today’s youth and our future workplaces.

  • Young people who are surrounded by a variety of opportunities for positive encounters engage in less risky behavior and ultimately show evidence of higher rates of successful transitions into adulthood.
  • The positive outcomes to youth empowerment programs are improved social skills, improved behavior, increased academic achievement, increased self-esteem, and increased self-efficacy.
  • Kids who participate in engaging extracurricular activities by-in-large have higher academic achievement, lower dropout rates, and develop essential life skills like decision making, communication, teamwork, and time management.


    Let’s Help Change the Statistics

    • In the last 4 years, screentime has more than doubled for kids ages 12-18 – averaging 5 to 8 hours a day (not including school/homework). 47% 47%
    • Young adults who couldn’t cover a $500 surprise expense. 63% 63%
    • High school dropouts are more than 8x as likely to commit crimes and serve prison time 88% 88%
    • Igen have the highest levels of stress and depression. 90% 90%
    • Top illnesses in today’s young adults: alcoholism, depression, and substance abuse. 85% 85%
    • The new generation, Igen, entering the workforce for the next 8 years have the highest rate of job dissatisfaction. 90% 90%


    What We Do For and With Youth

    Build Confidence

    Create future leaders

    Identify Career Goals

    teach People and emotional Skills


    Support well being


    Cultivate Inner Growth for success


    Rise Up For You Worldwide’s programing curriculum is focused on experiential learning programs focused on emotional, social, and people skills. Outcomes will support building social-emotional intelligence and foundational career etiquette skills.

    Research indicates that this generation craves meaningful social activities much like the ones featured in Rise Up For You Worldwide’s “Next Generation” programs. The coping mechanisms, daily strategies, and mindset techniques that are taught throughout these programs help address some of the underlying, root causes of anxiety, disconnection, and overall lack of people skills.


    The truth is our mission is big and it can’t be done alone. Rise Up For You Worldwide believes in working with community members and leaders to contribute to humanity in the best way we know how: education, empowerment, and engagement. Our goal is to provide as much free programming as possible to all youth, providing equal opportunity and engagement for all, regardless of socioeconomic conditions or background. 

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