Rise Up For You is an educational and motivational company that focuses on enhancing company culture and people development through teaching soft skills, aka human skills.   

Through our core principles; educate, inspire, experience, and connect, we are dedicated to fostering sustainable growth among companies and individuals. Our mission is to help serve humanity through focusing on the most essential component; people. We have designed interactive and experiential events, one to one coaching programs, and corporate trainings and workshops, with a special focus on the people, emotional, and social skills needed to be successful in today’s world. 


We believe in people!

Personal Impact

All ages, all people, all backgrounds 

 Organizational Impact

Small and Medium Businesses to

Large Corporations  

Global Impact

Supporting the 17 UN Global Goals

starting with people


Get to Know Our Founder

Nada Lena Nasserdeen, MA

Hi, I’m Nada Lena, an Executive Leadership and Career Confidence Coach, Post-Secondary Educator, and Motivational Speaker.

With over 10 years of experience as a college professor and former top executive for an education corporation, I have learned the importance of fusing education, empowerment, and leadership together. 

Through my many experiences working with individuals and various organizations, I have come to understand that companies, individuals, and youth, all need the same thing; education and motivation fostering the development of soft skills, aka human skills. This is the only way you can become the best version of yourself, whether it’s a company looking to produce better results and up-level their performance or an individual looking to build a life that they are proud of. 

To create change within our communities, companies, and households, we must first create change within ourselves. It’s a collective effort needed from all parties; no company, adult, or young adult can be left behind. The world needs us at our best!

Rise Up For You so that you can help others rise. Allow your journey to begin now!