We all need to hear and be inspired by words that are encouraging…..that is giving COURAGE…. and in this communication we are truly sharing a precious gift of life together like having communion together I truly believe that Rise Up For You is for YOU who wish to be encouraged, inspired and living an authentic passionate life Nada is leading a generation of people from all walks of the world and life to be connected to the truth of their spirit and soul

Robyn Brawley

Artistic and Lead Director, The Young Americans

Nada was such a pleasure to speak with! I have no doubt that the Rise Up For You mission, her passion and her energy will change lives.”
Vanessa Van Edwards


Rise Up For You provides amazing resources to help women reach their full potential. They are committed to their work and bring together experts with diverse backgrounds that provide great content and stories to inspire and provide continued growth. 

Jodi Walker

Chief Creative Catalyst, Success Alliances

I love the Rise Up For You podcast and what it represents — you having the power rise up and take control of your life. This is such an awesome thing that our world needs.

Calvin Wayman

Rise Up For You provides honest and heartfelt programming, while exploring great topics with your well-being in mind. Ladies, if you find yourself in need of clarity, encouraging words and great information, you have found the right place to tune in and be uplifted. Thank you, Nada, for your sincerity, kindness and expertise!

Janet Thomas

CEO and Founder, Heal For Real

Rise Up For You is a powerful resource for women everywhere. This website is leading the way for women to learn how to love themselves again. I applaud Nada for her dedication to helping women across the globe raise their confidence, form strong relationships and enhance many aspects of their well-being.  

Miss Solomon

The Dating Truth

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