Guest Speaker for Episode #109 John Kurth Test -38

Today we will be speaking to John Kurth on how to win customers and keep them coming back! We will be speaking about your sales communication and how to make it more comprehensive, substantial and precise. He’s going to dive into the power of sales scripting and what that means, so you can deliver your message authentically and from the heart!

With nearly two decades of consummate success as a globally based sales trainer, businessman, and entrepreneur, it’s little wonder that Huntington Beach, California-based John Kurth is among the nation’s leading business coaches. As President & Founder of Syntactics Sales Scripting®, it is his mission to help other sales executives, entrepreneurs, and salespeople to create winning sales scripts that enable them to close sale after sale. John’s robust career stops include working with Cali-based Asian Sources; working as an Insurance Agent with Bankers Life & Casualty in Laguna Hills, California; as an English Instructor for The Wall Street Institute in Taipei, Taiwan; a Corporate Sales Manager at Taiwan-based Crown Relocations; and an Account Manager/Executive with both Prescient Consulting International and Financial Strategies Group in California. Since 2011, his Syntactics Sales Scripting® has helped thousands of individuals and groups to become more effective with their sales language. His customized symposiums are offered as one-, two-, and six-day client workshops, as well as addresses for conferences and other like-minded meetings. As a veteran member of Toastmasters International, John has earned its Advanced Toastmasters Silver designation. He was also the 2002 National Taiwan Speech Evaluation Contest Champion, is a weekly contributor to the nationally syndicated talk show “Robert Cardoza LIVE!”, and has authored the best-selling reference “What Are Your Words Wearing?” John earned a Master of International Management degree (International MBA) from Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management in Phoenix, as well as a Bachelors in History (alongside a Global Peace and Security Certificate) from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He also studied Language at Beijing University in the People’s Republic of China and earned certification as a Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP) from the Academy of Competitive Intelligence in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He and his wife Josephine, have a beautiful daughter, Rita. Aside from business, he enjoys chess, reading, and the great outdoors.


How to Win Costumers

  1. First off you must use a script! This enables you to listen more    effectively.
  2. Get people comfortable with selling, it’s a heart sale not a hard sale!
  3. Language is 80% structure, 20% content
  4. Build your structure, your syntax or order of what you are proposing.
  5. First off identify what your script is. Ensure your language is powerful!

4 Step Syntax Example:

  1. What you like? Builds trust
  2. What you Dislike?
  3. Describe your ideal career: they’re telling you what you want!
  4. Imagine: your career, your future!

Do not:

  1. Try to wing it!
  2. Go on autopilot with you approach to costumers : for example; “May I    help you?

GOLDEN NUGGET: Embrace the script and tap into the heart sale!



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