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of coachees gain transformative results from our coaching programs

of individuals renew their coaching sessions because of positive results in their career, business, and life.

of organizations renew their partnership after their initial program due to positive team engagement and culture shifts. 



"Too often we see organizations apply a Cookie-Cutter" solution and only to see them disappear after payment is received. Nada and her team at "Rise Up For You" did an expert job of assessing accurately the needs and providing the best solutions. The follow-up was masterful and sealed the sustainability of what was implemented. I highly recommend taking advantage of the diverse experience and knowledge they have to offer."

—  Training Specialist at Don Roberto Jewelers

Kristen Kurtz, California

A force to be reckoned with (in the best way possible!). They will give you clear direction in the next steps to take to move your business forward. They are generous in giving you the information they have used to create a prosperous career. They provide a lot of value, action steps, and accountability so that you stay on track. I highly recommend working with Rise Up For You.

Ibtiseem Sfaxi, UK

The journey with Rise Up For You has been enlightening in every single aspect. Their contagious energy and enthusiasm are very empowering. I highly recommend for anyone keen to learn soft skills. Mandatory to take on a leadership role.

Jordan Zraick, Arizona

Rise Up for You has been extremely helpful in developing my leadership skills, both professionally and personally. I can’t recommend them enough. Not only have they helped me, but also my sister and her fiancé in their leadership efforts as well. I can confidentially say they both would share the same praises as well. Thank you!

Emil Chamie, Nevada

They made time to drive all the way to STK San Diego in the past and go over some strengths and weaknesses while being very observant before even mentioning anything. Natural gift of helping others and mainly how to form a healthy culture and workplace no matter at home or business.

Abeer Khedr, Egypt

It was our pleasure to host Nada twice to provide Women in Cyber Security in the Middle East Group with leadership and career confidence guidance. Both sessions were very engaging and very informative and one the most attended in the series we arranged.

Rafeal Durand, California

The Rise Up For You resources and methodology used, provided me, not only with the framework I needed to stay on course throughout the program but with plentiful ideas to take my business to the next level.

Rashmi Thirumale, Australia

Full of energy and provides great advice and has a wealth of knowledge in Confidence, Leadership, and Emotional intelligence...Lauren has provided me with the tools to guide me to become my best version of myself. It was great working with her! 

Patricia Monti, Georgia

I learned about Rise Up For you when I heard Nada Lena speak and was just blown away by the passion and the delivery of her message about the importance of emotional intelligence in all facets of life. I recently had the opportunity to participate in her company’s Success Club. During this time, we were introduced to other members of the Rise Up for You community. This group is absolutely amazing. Everyone is so kind, motivated, passionate, hard-working, and truly genuine. This class has done so much for me over the month.

Michelle Camden, Greater St. Louis

I've taken two courses with Rise Up For You and have been impressed with the creativity, informative content, and engaging activities they deliver. They not only help you learn the content but APPLY it to your life. As a professional facilitator and content creator, I'm a tough audience!

Dwayne Sheffield, California

Rise Up for You are amazing individuals and are professionals in people skills who share educational learning techniques for anyone willing to take their company or business to the next level. I highly recommended Rise Up For You and their abilities to help anyone grow any company from within or on an individual level.

Heidi Gallegos, California

I had the pleasure of attending a Professional CEO training with Rise Up for You. The training exceeded my expectations. The trainings were insightful, reflective, and enjoyable. I very much enjoyed my Thursday morning sessions. 

Ana Sanchez, UK

The commitment, engagement, inspiration, trust and overall positivity was invaluable. What a great way to start the year! THANK YOU!!! 

Angie Bravo, California

When I first heard the company I worked for hired a “consultant” I didn’t want to be involved.  I didn’t want to hear any negative feedback. I was 110% wrong.  Rise Up For You, Nada, and her entire Team is exactly what we needed. They have been a saving grace for us. Helping us get realigned as a company. They are warm, honest, passionate. I have enjoyed and appreciate all their expertise. I feel empowered, re-energize. I highly recommend Rise Up For You.

Kena Campbell, Canada

After receiving my coaching certificate with Rise Up For You, I have participated in a few other courses and programs with Rise Up For You; The Success Club, Emotional Intelligence course, Business Coaching, Public Speaking, and the new Rise Leadership Course. All of these programs have been fantastic and worth everything that I have invested. Thank you Nada and the Rise Up For You staff for being a part of my journey with Call Me Courage!

Marina Murray, New York

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Rise Up For You Webinar with Lauren Sweeney. Great guidance and methodology to break "the bubbles" and change your mindset. Very powerful! Attending the seminar has me more energized to Rise Up and be the change I seek.

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