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Company Growth

The solution to your company's problems always starts with the people. Our corporate programming and services focus on growing your team's skillsets, so you can continue to grow your business. We do the preventative work with your team that you don’t have time to do as we focus on employee engagement, workplace energy, and overall team communication and culture. 


Our programming for organizational development, which supports small, medium, and large companies like yours, was created to advance the interpersonal, emotional, and social skills needed to be successful in the workplace. Your product, your profits, and your overall company presence all depend on your people. You can't afford not to invest in their development. 

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We help organizations build stronger workplace culture through the development of human skills, the skills critical for long-term success both personally and professionally. Through our transformative training and coaching, we are dedicated to fostering sustainable growth among companies through developing their people. We believe people come first and developing your people creates stronger performance, productivity, and overall infinite potential. 


Foster Whole Person Development

Build Emotional Intelligence within your Workforce

Develop Self-Confidence in Your Team 

Inspire Transformative Leadership

Boost Productivity and Potential Amongst Your Team


Nada is a splendid communicator who knows how to unearth the critical issues in any situation. She then takes those issues to action items, gains consensus, and makes it happen—her knowledge of leadership and team development in the business arena is unsurpassed. Rise Up For You continues to provide our team with their expertise in professional development, leadership, and emotional intelligence.


Rise Up For You constructs their training so that people become familiar with research and best practices, as well as presenting engaging activities that allow for self-reflection. They have been amazing to partner with in many professional ways. I can count on them to deliver 100%!


 Too often we see organizations apply a "Cookie-Cutter" solution and only to see them disappear after payment is received. Nada and her team at "Rise Up For You Now" did an expert job of assessing accurately the needs and providing the best solutions. The follow-up was masterful and sealed the sustainability of what was implemented. I highly recommend taking advantage of the diverse experience and knowledge they have to offer.

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The answer always starts with your people. We can help!

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