TestGuest Speaker For Episode #114 Nekisha Michelle

Today we have Nekisha Michelle who’s going to be talking with us on the on the topic of love! Nekisha will be talking to us about the hidden demon we have in ourselves that most commonly prevents us from finding the love in our life! Today she will be giving us three tips to finding love, and when you know it’s time to incorporate somebody else so you can share and build a romantic relationship!

CEO of Nekisha Michelle International, the home of Ultimate Match Love & Matchmaking Agency, Ready Woman Society and Make Me A Wife Mentoring Academy, Nasira uses the power of her voice, personality and passion through media to leverage her platform and influence lives as a love mentor, matchmaker and life success coach. From Los Angeles morning news to being a regular talent on HGTV’s Crowded House, appearing on the Flex Alexander & Shanice Wilson reality show on OWN, featured in Ebony Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, Success Magazine, the cover feature for Plus Model Magazine (March 2017) and many note-worthy international blogs and podcasts. A certified matchmaker, domestic violence counselor, graduate from Virginia State University with a masters in Social Work from the University of Cincinnati. Nasira is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., with 19 years of professional success and 10 years of entrepreneurial mastery under her belt. SHE is the avatar for the “READY WOMAN”. Her mission is to “help successful women find true love, get married and live happily.


How to Win in Love & Your Work Without Losing Yourself!

  1. Hidden demon is ourself is the most common factor that prevents us from love in our life!
  2. It’s easier to point outward then point inward
  3. Three Tips to Finding Love:
    1. Let’s understand the story! Every relationship you’ve been is here to tell you a story!
    2. Rewrite the story! Do the opposite of what we’ve done!
    3. You have to be open!

When you know you can incorporate another person in your love life!

  1. You’ve gone as far as you can in your life. You’ve completed it alone and can now get more done with a partner!
  2. So much love; not fear, not boredom!!! You have so much love to share and give!!

GOLDEN NUGGET: Believe! True love makes the soul crawl out from its hiding place! Practice it, keep it!




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