Episode #210 with Debra Maldonado- You Are Not Broken

In today’s episode, Debra will share that nothing in the past can hold you back from reaching your dreams. We will discuss how to create a powerful vision (true use of imagination v. fantasy), taking action without attachment, and the best way to work with emotions.

About Our Guest: Episode #210 with Debra Maldonado- You Are Not Broken

Debra Maldonado is the CEO of the Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology, a global life coach certification and leadership training company co-founded with her husband Dr. Rob Maldonado.

After 20 years as a marketing executive in television, radio and digital commerce, she left the corporate world to pursue her dream career as an entrepreneur helping others. She is the author of the bestselling book, Let Love In: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner (J. Wiley & Sons, 2010), a columnist for Inc.com, featured by ABC News, ABC Radio Network, FOX News, NBC News, WB2, Cosmopolitan, Natural Health, Huffington Post, Complete Woman, among others.

Their mission is to raise the bar in the personal development industry to provide a higher level of training with more depth, real psychology and science-based solutions that truly transform a person to experience an exceptional life with success, better relationships and health.

RECOMMENDED BOOK:  The Bhagavad Gita by Vyasa

YOUR #1 VALUE: Spirituality

GOLD NUGGET: There is nothing to fix!

WHAT DOES RISE UP FOR YOU MEAN TO YOU? You’re meant to do more than just survive.

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