Episode #224 with Rachel Baskin- Business and Diapers


The three main takeaways.
1. Discipline is key – without it, it’s hard to succeed in business or in life in general.
2. Redeeming the time – we all complain about how we feel as though we don’t always have enough time and in this point, I talk about making the time that you do have available to you count.
3. The rhythm of work and rest – in this point I talk about how it is important to not only work hard but to also rest well!

If you are interested, Rachel wrote a blog post where I shared all of these points. The blog is called “Business and Diapers” and you can find it here – https://dentsinmycrown.com/business-and-diapers/.

About Our Guest: 

Rachel Baskin is a motivational and inspirational women’s blogger who draws from past life experiences and her faith in God in order to share with you her unique perspective of the world. Her blog is geared towards empowering women through faith, beauty and lifestyle with the hopes that each woman who encounters her work can go on to live a purpose-driven life as they are motivated and inspired to embrace being comfortable in their own skin in a world that tells them to be anything and anyone but who they truly are. Through her words of encouragement and her message of hope, Rachel aims to teach women to build a true sense of identity and self-worth that is based on solid foundations.

Rachel unreservedly talks about everything from love and romance to relationships goals and the struggles of singleness. From marriage to mom life and parenting, from fashion to make up to hair care. From spirituality, self-care, self-acceptance and self-love – you can find it all right here! Dents In My Crown has an assortment of thoughts and reflections that are bound to keep you reading for hours!

Rachel resides in BC, Canada, where she is happily married to the love of her life, Kirk. Together, they have two beautiful children, two cute and inquisitive cats and have been living happily ever after since January 2013!


RECOMMENDED BOOK:  “Why you act the way you do” by the late Dr. Tim LaHaye. This book was instrumental in helping understand myself and the people around me.



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