Helping You Build a Thriving Life as the Whole Person.


It’s time to rise up to the next level in your personal and professional life!

Rise Up For You’s Membership Programs stand in alignment with our mission to change this world one person at a time through connecting, empowering, and educating individuals like yourself to become your best self. Our various membership programs are designed to help you grow into the very best version of yourself, focusing on all aspects of your professional and personal life.  The Rise Up For You team provides you with diverse content, strategies, and the opportunity to learn about and develop each pillar of life. We will guide, direct, and encourage you on the path to becoming your best-self with a multi-faceted approach to building and nurturing the 6 Pillars to a Prosperous life: Relationships, Money, Self-Worth, Career, Love and Health. 

Together we will build a successful foundation rooted in positivity, possibility, power, and abundance creating an all-around thriving life as the whole person. Join the transformation, and start today in becoming the person you are meant to be!

Learn more about which membership is right for you!

What Membership Programs Do You Offer?

Becoming Your Best Self- Fully Emerged Membership

Our Signature 3-Month Membership Program

VIP Event Membership- California Residents

VIP Access to all events for one year.

Career Confidence Coaching Program

8-Week Program

Executive Leadership Coaching Program

8-Week Program

Trainee Certificated Program

6-Month Intensive Program-Launches in January of 2020


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How Do I know

If the Membership is

Right For Me?

Rise Up For You’s Membership Program offers something for everyone, including you. We’ve built a diverse body of memberships and programs that not only provide you with full benefits and connections to our community of men and women, free access to live events, and exclusive digital resources, but tangible results and outcomes in each program ensuring your investment doesn’t go to waste. 

How do I know this will benefit me?

Each membership is specifically designed and personalized around you and your needs. So whether you’re looking to work on yourself as the whole person, interested in joining our trainee leadership program so you can begin your paid coaching career, or wanting to do a deep dive into our program on self-worth “Woman of Worth,” the diversity of our membership programs allows you to pick the best fit that’s suitable for where you are today.

How long does the membership last?

The best part about it is once you join anyone one of our programs, you become a lifetime member, meaning you have lifetime access to all of the digital resources, invaluable professional and personal connections nationwide, and access to our live events at our members rate after the first year (first year all events are completely free for you). VIP Event Membership excluded, this is an annual fee. 

Do I have to pay all up front?

Each membership and program offers you a discounted rate if you pay in full, however, we always offer a monthly rate to ensure you can enjoy your membership without putting your finances in jeopardy. 

Do I get into the live events for free if I live in California?

Yes, each membership provides free access for one year to each event including the annual conference, a value of $139. After the one-year mark members can pay an annual fee of only $199 to maintain VIP all-exclusive access to every event.  

Our Approach

Rise Up For You, understands that in order to truly become your best self and live a thriving life, we as individuals must focus and nurture the whole person. We know it can be tough juggling your career, friends and family, money, health, love life, in addition to making time for yourself. 

With Rise Up For You’s team of credible and scholarly experts, you will recieve a well rounded membership program full of one on one coaching with each and every expert (you don’t have to choose just one), group accountability sessions with the founder of Rise Up For You,  free access to live events, and additional digital resources that you have a lifetime access too. All of this and more is provided with the intention to help you become your best self as the WHOLE person so that you can live an overall thriving life.

This program is open and beneficial to each and every person. Remember it’s about becoming your best self and continuously rising up to the next level in your personal and professional life. 

How It Works

Pick and Sign-Up for Your Membership Program

To get started you will need to pick your program from one of the following below. After reading through each program if you’re still unsure and have questions, you can set up a free 10-minute call HERE 

Schedule Your 45 Minute Jumpstart Call

Once you sign-up for your membership program, a Rise Up For You team member will call you within 24 hours to talk you through your program and customize your membership.  We will then pass all of this information on to your experts so they are ready to help support you and your specific needs. 

Begin Your Program Instantly

After your 45 minute jumpstart call, your program will begin! You will instantly receive full access to each event in California as well as access to your first digital module. In addition all coaching sessions , both individual and group, will be set-up on your personal program calendar and sent over for your convenience. 

VIP Event Membership- California Residents

1 Full Year All Access Pass

With this membership, you gain full access and VIP seating to all Rise Up For You events for one year. Each year we produce anywhere between six-ten events throughout Southern California providing opportunities for you to meet with California’s Leading men and women amongst a speaker or panel format.  

This membership is best suitable for California residents. 


one time annual fee

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Career Confidence Coaching Program

8-Week Program

It has been proven from research that confidence prevents us from moving up in the corporate world as well as truly finding our true success. It’s the inner dialogue we often create, the perfectionist mindset, the “Am I good enough?” that constantly gets in our way. 

The truth is becoming your best self-has to start with your self-worth, it is the mother pillar of all pillars. Gaining an awareness, self-compassion, and understanding in this pillar will allow us to tap into our true and full potential on all levels. 

We have created an intimate 8-week hands-on program that strictly focuses on building career confidence, self-worth, resilience, self-compassion, and and self-promotion. 


or $333 for three payments

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The Career Confidence Coaching Program offers you:

  1. 8 weeks of 1-1 coaching with a Rise Up For You team expert qualified in building self-worth, confidence, and self-compassion. Each session is 45 mins long and will take place one time a week for eight weeks.
  2. Free VIP Event membership giving you access to every live Rise Up For You event in California for one full year, including the annual conference (a $139 value).
  3. BONUS: Gift Box shipped to your home full of goodies to your house!

Becoming Your Best Self- Fully Emerged Membership

3 Month Program

The Becoming Your Best Self Fully Emerged Membership is our signature membership for all men and women. With this selection, you receive access to the full Rise Up For You coaching team gaining guidance and strategy in all 6 pillars. This membership leaves you with a solid action plan, empowerment, and a well-rounded body of information in all six pillars ensuring you have what it takes to continuously grow as the whole woman. Here’s the best part! If you feel fulfilled and abundant in one pillar, you have the option to opt out of one pillar and reallocate the coaching time into another pillar. For example; if you feel great about your career, you can take the coaching hours and add them to another pillar you want more support with, such as the love pillar or the money pillar. 


or $435 for three months

Click here for the full benefit details

The Fully Emerged Membership offers you:

  • This is a fully interactive 3-month program.
  • Free 45-minute Jumpstart session customizing your membership program to ensure each coach addresses your specific needs. In this session, we will go through each pillar with you and define exactly your wants and needs for each pillar. 
  • Access to all 6 expert coaches. Receive personalized live coaching sessions with each coach (Two 45-minute sessions with each expert). Each month you will work with two of our credible team experts gaining personalized guidance and support in each of the 6 pillars. 
  • Receive lifetime access to interactive digital modules to complement your coaching sessions in each pillar. 
  • 9 hours (2 90-minute sessions each month) of group accountability coaching sessions facilitated by the founder of Rise Up For You, Nada Lena. Each group session will discuss a certain topic provided by Nada as well as have a group mastermind exercise sharing wins, struggles, and gaining positive constructive feedback from the rest of the group. Each group will have no more than 6 people at a time.
  • Free VIP Event membership giving you access to every live Rise Up For You event in California for one full year, including the annual conference (a $139 value).
  • One opt-out ticket allowing you to switch out one pillar to add more coaching or time in another pillar. 
  • BONUS: Gift Box shipped to your home full of goodies to your house!

Trainee Certificated Program

6 Month Intensive Program- Launches in January of 2020

The Rise Up For You Trainee program is for individuals who are ready to serve others through their coaching and expertise. With this program, you will receive hands-on training with our qualified staff members as well as receive the opportunity to facilitate and work with our current members who are enrolled in the Becoming Your Best Self-membership. 

This is a combination of rigorous work done in your chosen pillar as well as additional 1-1 training in leadership, emotional intelligence, and teaching. 

The best part about this is that once you accomplish your trainee program, we have a job right here waiting for you.  You’ll receive the opportunity to become a paid mentee facilitator with Rise Up For You providing you with additional paid coaching hours.


or $449 for six months 

Click here for the full benefit details

The Trainee Certificated Program offers you:

  • This is a 6-month program.
  • Twelve one hour training sessions with our Rise Up For You Team expert in your chosen pillar of practice.
  • Twelve one hour training sessions with Nada Lena the founder of Rise Up For You focused on leadership and emotional intelligence practices, research, and practical tools. 
  • Free VIP Event membership giving you access to every live Rise Up For You event in California for one full year, including the annual conference (a $139 value).
  • BONUS: Gift Box shipped to your home full of goodies to your house!

Requirements for admission:

  • Must enroll in one of the above programs before being accepted into the Trainee Program (The Event membership does not count).

Requirements for  Completion:

  • Must have an additional 24 hours of outside volunteer or paid coaching documented and submitted for review.
  • Must lead and facilitate six Rise Up For You group sessions with the guidance and support of a Rise Up For You team expert.

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