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Be the Minority When it Comes to Skills

empathy and expectations

So let’s be honest, every single industry, every single space is completely inundated. There are a number of professionals around the world that are all doing the same thing, a number of companies around the world that are all providing the same service.

So the big question is, "How do you stand out? How do you stay competitive? And how do you stay relevant especially with artificial intelligence wiping out jobs and taking the world by storm.

The truth is the only way to truly stand out and continue to achieve a success personally, and professionally is to,

Obtain the skills of the average person does not have.

  • 75% of individuals to derail their career due to a lack of social and emotional intelligence a.k.a. the soft skills that are truly needed for success

  • 82% of individuals struggle with self-confidence

  • 95% of leaders think they have accurate self assessment

So in a world it’s constantly be the 5% of leaders that have accurate self-assessment, be the 25% of professionals that have strong emotional intelligence and be the 17% of individuals worldwide that have self-confidence so that you can take action and live a life that influential and impactful.


#464 Be Human: What's in Our Future with Thomas Gelmi

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