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Can You Push Your Potential When Life's Comfortable?

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The number one issue I see with individuals and companies is their lack of commitment to continuous growth when everything seems okay. It’s usually the last minute typhoon or the out-of-nowhere earthquake that shakes people to their cores, forcing change and awakening. What if we didn’t allow ourselves to fall victims to this fate? What if each and every day we honored and held ourselves to a new standard of greatness to push our potential?

The three P’s—potential, preparation, and prevention—are key to reaching the next level toward a fulfilled life.


If we are constantly pursuing growth in ourselves, we allow our potential to reach new heights and seek new possibilities. Instead of moving forward from the bottom of the mountain, try moving forward when you’re halfway up. The climb is more achievable from there as the peak is almost within your grasp.


When we do the work ahead of time, it allows us to react more efficiently and gracefully when shit hits the fan. All of the work we put in prepares us for moments of uncertainty. We are more centered, more awakened, and more conscious of what needs to be done and how. Not allowing for continuous growth within ourselves stunts our ability to work our emotional intelligence (EI) muscles, which are key components in building resilience against the unknown.


Lastly, when we do the work before we hit the danger zone, it prevents us from putting ourselves into potentially harmful and unaligned situations. You have the power in you to decide what, where, and how you should live your life. But first you have to honor your life and the power you have within. Constantly nurturing positive change within yourself allows you to become more intuitive and see the big picture when it comes to your purpose, relationships, and overall quality of life.

So again, this is a call out to the world to Rise Up For You now! Not when you’re at the bottom and defeated, but while you still have the energy and a clear understanding that your potential is limitless.

Comfort can be a double-edged sword when it comes to pushing our potential. On one hand, the comfort of a stable routine and familiar surroundings can provide a sense of security and contentment. It can be tempting to settle into a state of complacency, avoiding risks and challenges that might disrupt our comfort zone. However, true growth and personal development often require stepping outside of that cozy bubble.

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